TweetMeme launches Retweet Leaderboard

TweetMeme launches Retweet Leaderboard

TweetmemeTweetmeme, the popular tracker of retweeted links across Twitter has just launched a leaderboard.

The chart tracks the most retweeted news sources across the web.

As the page notes:

“The TweetMeme Leaderboard lists the sources most freqently appearing on TweetMeme.

Each source is ranked by Presence, the percentage of time each story is shown on TweetMeme. We factor in time spent on our frontpage, categories and also sub-categories.

The Retweets lists the total number of retweets for that domain over the course of a week.”

Looking at the chart right now, it’s interesting to note the variety of sources. In addition to the tech blogs you may expect to dominate the top ten, the importance of visual content to support Twitter’s text is reflected by the presence of YouTube at number 2 and Twitpic at number 3.

UK newspaper The Guardian is perhaps surprisingly at number 4 with The Boston Globe’s the next ‘traditional media’ source at number 11. The first technology company to appear is Microsoft, in at 18.

With Twitter an important source of traffic for blogs, Tweetmeme’s leaderboard is likely to become an imporant measure of blogging success. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to tactless pleas for retweets from blog authors.

With technology news sources dominating the chart, it provides an interesting counterpoint to the Techmeme Leaderboard. Despite its similar name, this chart shows the sources that dominate the editor-driven Techmeme directory of tech news. Tweetmeme’s new leaderboard can be seen as a “people’s choice” alternative.

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