The Twitter – The Best Way To Track Content On Twitter

The Twitter – The Best Way To Track Content On Twitter

twitter times logoIf you use Twitter for content, you must hate it when a major story slips past you. There is no good way to avoid this, it will happen.

Twitter wants to change that, by generating a personalized ‘newspaper’ for you based on what the people that you follow are talking about.

The more times a link has been posted by someone that you follow, the more weight it is given. The result is curated content stemming from the people you trust, who are the people you follow.

The product is a digestible list of content, with large headlines, and notes as to who tweeted that specific link, and what they said.

Twitter takes it one step further, by tracking what the friends of the people that you follow tweeted, making the content just another step more accurate. Take a look at what The Twitter made for me:

twitter times

If you are forced to stay away from Twitter for any length of time, Twitter can keep you up to date in a flash. Hell, if you just want content, you could create several dummy Twitter accounts and just read the prepared newspapers. Tweeting? Old school.

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