Get cool new gestures for your Mac’s multitouch trackpad!

Get cool new gestures for your Mac’s multitouch trackpad!

jitouchWhen Apple introduced the new MacBook’s the multitouch trackpad received a lot of applause.

If you are like us and more often than not find yourself having opened many tabs in your favorite browser, you’ll very much like jitouch.

jitouch adds eight new gestures, with more to come according to the jitouch developers:

  • Switch your browser to the next and previous tab
  • Open a link in a new tab
  • Minimize window
  • Zoom
  • Move and resize window
  • Close window or tab
  • Open recently closed tab for Firefox
  • Quit application

While some of the gestures are more complex once you’ve gotten accustomed to them, you won’t miss them anymore. The jitouch developers have described the principles of their gesture design as clearly focussed on only requiring a single hand and minimizing finger movement.

You can check out the added gestures in this YouTube video. A full demo of jitouch in action is available, too.

When installed jitouch adds itself to the Mac OS X menu bar. You can easily disable gestures you’re not using or switch off jitouch completely.

The multitouch extensions works fine with Leopard and Snow Leopard and can be downloaded as a free trial. If you like it, the developers ask you to buy a US$ 5.49 lifetime license.

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