launches with little fanfare but a big name. Becomes a StackOverflow for Startups. launches with little fanfare but a big name. Becomes a StackOverflow for Startups.

theme.logoIn 2008, the domain was acquired by the team behind KillerStartups. Today, as part of the new Network, we find out what they plan to do with the domain, and depending on who you are, you may or may not be impressed. is a Digg for startup related questions. In fact, if you’ve heard of Stack Overflow, a site devoted to helping coders get their questions answered, this is precisely that except for entrepreneurs. The site itself uses Stack Overflow’s recently launched product  Stack Exchange, that lets anyone create their own Stack Overflow on a particular topic. Ironically, biggest competitor in likely to be another site doing the exact same thing

Described as “a web service that provides the most comprehensive answers for business questions and gives users the possibility to ask the questions they have concerning their business.” aims to be a place for entrepreneurs to go when they’re looking for advice. A network of entrepreneurs, small business owners, academics, and seasoned businesspeople.

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Visiting the site you’re likely to find yourself disappointed. The site isn’t pretty, isn’t too far off the basic template Stack Exchange offers and doesn’t feature the same glitter such a prestigious domain deserves. In terms of functionality the site is precisely what you’ll find Stack Exchange provides for between $129+ and $1299/ a month (dependent on traffic).

In short, you can’t help but respect the KillerStartups team for boldly acquiring such a memorable domain name but the entire site feels soulless.

A video demo is available for you to watch if you’re not quite ready to make the step over to the site:

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