The mother of all “Online Business Card” tools. This is almost too pretty…

The mother of all “Online Business Card” tools. This is almost too pretty…

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I’m a sucker for good looking sites. I’m an absolute fool for stunning ones. The web application I’m about to introduce you to is stunning.

Magntize, formally known as Nectar, is nothing more than a way for you to create your own online profile kitted with links to your social networking sites, a brief bio, a stream of updates from your other online profiles and a downloadable VCard. Nothing special so far right, dooid does it, does it and plenty of others do too. What makes this special is the undeniable elegance of the set up, admin and the mindblowing themes you get to play with.

Magntize is beautiful, and if you’re not convinced, take a look at my site, screenshot below too.

Picture 5

What you get for free is a selection of gorgeous themes, the ability to link to your profiles, importing of your stream from various sites, a place for your contact details and a link to download your VCard. Not all that much, but frankly I can’t see what else you’d desperately need.

If you’re willing to pay the $9 a month for premium membership however, you’ll get:

  • a Custom Domain
  • access to a new selection of premium themes
  • a wonderfully designed iPhone version of the site
  • CV download functionality
  • a personal RSS feed, which is essentially a lifestream feed full of everything you’ve been doing online
  • an email address people can reach you on which forwards to your real one maintaining your privacy.

Not too shabby. Although it is $9 a month for a site you could probably cook up yourself if you’re willing to put the time in. That said $108 a year for someone who cares about their image but doesn’t have the necessary coding or design skills is fair. Let’s not forget you get a site a child could edit and should make most visitors drool. It’s reasonable…Far more reasonable than the 15 day trial period, $199 up front then $79/year they were charging back when they were called Nectar.

Try Magnetize out here.

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