Listiti – Google Alerts Meets Twitter Lists

Listiti – Google Alerts Meets Twitter Lists

listitiTheir tagline, not ours, but it captures the product well. Listiti, a just released web app, is just that: alerts on when a brand, product, or company, appears on a list that you specify.

If you work for Intel, you would assuredly like to know when you came up on Scoble’s list, the “Most Influential In Tech“.

Listiti is drop dead simple, and is going to become a defacto service for all companies looking to monitor a brand in a more focused way. Without a doubt, you care more when @kevinrose talks about your product than when @kevin does so.

The curation going on in Lists does all the heavy lifting for you. Listiti fills the gap and brings you updates from prepared lists. What more could you ask for?

lisiti captire

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