Webs Launches App Store – Access To Massive User Base Now Open

Webs Launches App Store – Access To Massive User Base Now Open


Continuing our coverage of the launch of app stores, Webs, formerly FreeWebs, has just launched an application store and developer platform for their massive website creation user base.

The application store features a number of apps built specifically for the Webs user, each app created around the principle that even the most simple website can be dynamic.

What makes this launch exciting is the scope of what is happening. The developer platform gives programmers, and other service providers, the ability to tap into Webs’ hundreds of thousands of users. That means your product can have instant, giant, reach.

But that access will cost you, according to TechCrunch: “For apps supported by advertising, Webs takes a rev-share that is determined on an app-by-app basis, with around 60-70% going to the app’s developers. Webs is also going to be integrating a unified payment system for applications that want to charge users, which will also have a rev-share arrangement.”

Still not a bad deal, everyone wants a piece of the pie. If Webs is going to host your app, they deserve a bit of the action.

Launch applications are a tad stale, but that should change quickly once developers get on board. Apps available now include offerings from Meebo, HeyZap, Etsy, and BookFresh.

Webs took the time and money to put together a video on the App store; if you are planning on building an application for it, I recommend giving it a watch. I have embedded it below, for your convenience.


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