Novell: the first major corporation to announce Google Wave adoption

Novell: the first major corporation to announce Google Wave adoption

800px-Novell_Logo.svgNovell, a global software corporation specializing in enterprise operating systems has announced Novell Pulse a new real time collaboration platform.

What makes this so special? The platform features deep integration with Google Wave. Heck, if you want our opinion, we’d say this *is* Google Wave, with added security, and probably an entirely new UI (something Google proved was very possible when demoing the product initially).

Novell describes the platform:

“With Novell Pulse, people continents apart can work together in real-time, sharing and co-browsing information or creating or editing a document. Individuals can also manage content overload by choosing people and topics to follow and stashing files—both native and office type—along with their related groups and conversations.”

Sound familiar?

The security bit:

“Well, Pulse leverages Novell’s expertise and experience developing enterprise collaboration and communication tools, as well as industry leadership in creating strong identity and security management solutions. We bring these competencies together to give your enterprise the confidence to exercise real-time collaboration technologies.

They add:

“It will also work seamlessly with Google Wave so you and anyone you want to work with can have your choice and get down to business.”

Whether the product is essentially Google Wave or not, this is the the first public announcement of Google Wave integration by any major corporation since Google Federation’s public availability (in beta), but that’s not all that makes this interesting. This news also comes almost immediately after Novell publicly announced it lost a major client, the City of Los Angeles, who did it lose the client to? You guessed it, Google Apps.

During a keynote session today at Enterprise 2.0 in San Francisco, Novell will demonstrate the technology preview of Pulse, due for release in mid 2010,


A commenter has linked to a video demo of the app, you click watch it here or click the image below.

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