Digg Adds “Digg Trends” To Help Get The Best Content Front Paged Quickly

Digg Adds “Digg Trends” To Help Get The Best Content Front Paged Quickly

In a seemingly rare move for the social news company, Digg is annoucing a new feature today aimed at bringing the best content to the front page of Digg.com more quickly.

Called Digg Trends, it will bring a story to the front page of Digg in a special section, for ten minutes. After that period of time, the story will either make the front page, or will be passed over. It will look something like this:


Stories are selected by being hot: the number of Diggs, shares, comment, or favorites will help qualify the post for the special trends treatment.

By airing out the Digg laundry, in a much more public fashion than before, Digg is aiming to bring more openness and clarity to the method of front paging stories. To quote the President, “a little light is the best disinfectant.” Digg seems to agree

Digg has set up a  special Twitter account to tweet when a story is up on the trending section. Given that it only has ten minutes to make its mark, Digg wants your opinion right away.

You can read the official Digg blog post here, and follow the discussion here. The Digg power user community just might love this.

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