Flickr gets its own App Store, I mean Garden.

Flickr gets its own App Store, I mean Garden.

4072925558_3dcecdd433Apps apps apps. They’re all the rage. So popular in fact we created this channel on The Next Web, specifically devoted to them. We called the channel Appetite, (App-etite, clever eh?) and you’re on it right now. Anyway, enough about us…

Today Flickr have also decided to pay special attention to them too and more importantly the many developers who have been developing for the photo sharing site since their API launch in 2004.

While the site has had a ‘services’ section for quite some time, today they’re revamping the area and calling it The App Garden.

The App Garden is a place where developers can submit and promote their apps, providing a one stop shop for Flickr fantatics to find the best Flickr apps out there.

There are already a number of existing applications growing in there (see what I did there?) but if you’re looking to get yours in there, pay a visit to the developers blog for a complete run down.


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