Google Wave open for federation. Yes, you can host the bad boy!

Google Wave open for federation. Yes, you can host the bad boy!

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 21.21.37We’ve been pretty busy keeping you updated on Google’s plans to open the Wave infrastructure for federation.

Not only have we been the first to let you know about the upcoming big news last week, we’ve also stayed in close contact with the Google Wave team to follow up, when some late issues prevented federation from going live.

The wait is over!

Dan Peterson, Google Wave’s Product Manager for Federation, just told us, developers can now start connecting to the Wave Sandbox servers. This blog post should get you started. Detailed installation instructions for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X have been updated here.

In case you’re planning to work on getting a wave server up and running, we’d like to encourage you to join our “Federation Developer Exchange” wave. It’s available on Just do a search for “with:public Federation Developer Exchange” (no quotes) and join the discussion.

We’ve still some Google invites left and decided to use Kosmix Lucky Twit to let fortune select the last few recipients. If you’re keen to get invited, send a tweet containing the hash tag #thenextwebwaveinvite and include me (@24z). Good luck!

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