Glue Launches API – Usage Explodes After Relaunch

Glue Launches API – Usage Explodes After Relaunch

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Just a moment, it feels, after the launch of their new browser add-0n and website, Glue is back for more launching an new API around their product.

Developers will now have access to meta data around more than three million items, organized by genre to include music, books, and movies.

The API is built for power, giving developers full read/write access to Glue via REST. In English, Glue is opening up the floodgates and telling developers to ride the waves. For security, Glue will be using token based authorization.

Details for developers can be found here.

People have been accusing me of having something of a Glue fetish, and I must find myself half guilty. Glue, especially with the launch of their new website, is an amazing tool. This new API will only spread the love further.

If you are a developer looking to get hacking with the Glue API, be sure to let me know what you create. We just might be able to get you a tweet from @thenextweb.

In other news, since the recent relaunch Glue has seen a surge in total traffic in their system, according to @fraser. I can personally corroborate this, having been followed on Glue by more people in the last week than in the last six months.

The launch of their new API comes at an excellent moment: Glue has a dedicated and growing audience, just the thing that a developer wants to build for.

Expect to see some cool new toys coded in the next few weeks. Happy Gluing everyone!

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