“Press Enter to Search” – Google Search Going Buttonless

“Press Enter to Search” – Google Search Going Buttonless

It appears Google is testing out a search page with virtually nothing else aside from a search field and text saying “press enter to search”.

A number of Twitter users have also stumbled upon the new search feature, with many reporting the buttons fade in and out when you hover over their former locations.

This completely buttonless search page appears to the next stage in Google’s tests to create a super fast homepage with zero distraction and a focus on speed and minimalism. For the last few weeks a JS hack has made it possible to permanently view a minimalist Google Search page that would only reveal the standard content when you moved your cursor. More recently, Google tested hiding everything aside from some text saying “this space is intentionally blank” which frankly didn’t go down very well.

This latest alteration is similar except a slightly more understandable and instructional “Press Enter to Search”.


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