Screencast your life with Screenr

Screencast your life with Screenr

Screenr on the iPhoneFeel like making a short screencast for a tutorial, showcase or to just be creative? Want to share a video of yourself with Twitter and YouTube? Enter stage left, Screenr!

Screenr is a dead simple to use screencast web application developed by Articulate Global, an e-learning software provider.

Learning to use Screenr really is as simple as watching a short video on the home page and entering in your Twitter credentials using OAuth. Once logged in and having clicked the Record button you are presented with a simple capture frame that can be easily re-sized and after that all you have to do is select your audio input option and press the red button! You are limited to videos 5 minutes in length similar to other free screencast tools such as Jing and you are able to pause midway through your screencast to capture that all important breath.

Once you have recorded your screencast you are able to preview it before tweeting it out to the world. Screenr also provides the option to post only to the screenr website allowing you to selectively choose who you pass the video on to via Twitter. Other publishing options include easily posting to YouTube, embedding into your own blog or website or downloading the .mp4 file. Screenr also comes iPhone enabled so you can show off your screencasts wherever you are.

The one noticeable drawback when using the service is that their are no privacy settings for your videos. If you are looking to develop screencasts that you do not want broadcast to the world, Screenr may not be the tool for you. For everyone else, it is a very simple, and nicely design application to get started or continue in your online publishing.

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