Track your iPhone app’s marketing success with Apprupt

Track your iPhone app’s marketing success with Apprupt

Picture 2Everyone in the business today knows that one of the most crucial elements in an iPhone application’s success is efficient marketing and thoughtful advertising.

There are far too many stories about talented developers with innovative applications that just don’t make it, and people better start learning from others mistakes.

It can be pretty hard to break through the mist of anonymity and be noticed even with really good looking, carefully brushed and innovative applications. There are about 100,000 reasons for it in fact, most of indie and one-man studios don’t get the game. Getting the app in the store does not mean work is done. The problems start there, from the approval date, user reviews, icon visibility, there are just too many variables in the game to leave it on auto pilot.

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So you got the point, marketing and advertising is important as quality coding and great idea if you want to make it in the big world.

Aapprupt –  performance marketing network for mobile applications based in Germany made their first product public – Performance Analytics.

The idea is pretty simple , by adding one additional layer into your iPhone app, you can track and monitor your apps downloads across different marketing sessions. You can create different links for different marketing campaigns i.e ( and or that can be tracked separately. This gives you the opportunity to analyze the data and help you decide what works best for your application. Based on those reports you can add additional effort to lagging campaigns or continue the successful ones.

Look at it like this, it’s an easy way to track how much you really pay for an application download in different marketing campaigns. Statistics are focused on clicks and downloads that can be broken down to revenue per link or the whole campaign, and rankings and rank changes within the AppStore, so you can recognize trends and act accordingly

The service is still in beta so you can add and use it for free but they did reveal the possibility of premium accounts in the future.

Check out their blog for more detailed explanation or follow them on Twitter

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