Newsflash: Users Do Not Understand Wave

Newsflash: Users Do Not Understand Wave

We did some extensive polling this morning, and discovered some fascinating news: users of Google Wave have no idea how to use it, or what it is for.

If you missed the poll, you can still vote here. A big thank you for everyone who participated.

Take a look at the results of the poll:


I doubt that anyone is overly shocked at this, but it does underline indeed that Wave is confusing, and most people are not sure how or why to use it. I am a part of some 60 Waves now, and have really used three. Wave has yet to find its killer application.

It will, but whatever we will be using Wave for one year from now, does not exist yet. Either Google or developers need to guide us out of the dark. We want to walk, we just need some light.

– Update –

More of you have been chiming in, and now with almost 100 votes, 59% of voters are still staring blankly.

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