Glue Revamps Add-On, Rocks Even Harder

Glue Revamps Add-On, Rocks Even Harder

love glueGlue, in addition to their brand new website, is releasing a major update to their browser add-on today. The Glue bar is now smaller, and much more powerful.

The now petite bar at the bottom of your screen brings in a number of new data points to further enrich your browsing. Using the core semantic technology that Glue runs on, for whatever content that you are browsing, the bar will no give you on the fly recommendations, show y ou what your friends think, and offer up related information to expand what the website has.

If you head to the page on Wikipedia for a movie, the Glue bar will show you the number of total visits to that page, and the number of times a friends has gone there. On the right of the bar, suggestions are listed of similar content that you may enjoy.

Towards the middle of the bar, there is a list of your friends and their reactions to the movie. On the far left there is a button that will open in a small popup, and show you the trailer of the film, allow you to add it to your Netflix queue, and see ratings on the film.

Wikipedia was never heavy on rich media, but with the Glue bar, you get the depth of Wikipedia, with the knowledge of the crowds, and the videos of several other websites, all in one.

Of course, the add-on still does not work on the Chrome browser, due to Google’s love of sitting on its hands. If it means anything, the only reason I ever go back to use Firefox is to use Glue, and now I have a whole stream of new reasons to do so.

Do you use the Glue add-on? The new version is now live, go take a look.

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