Wasting time installing apps? Say hello to Ninite

Wasting time installing apps? Say hello to Ninite

Previously called Volery, Ninite is a solution to a problem which must pain us all. The time it takes to install software, in particular, on a new machine, is considerable and Ninite have provided a shortcut to this laborious process.

It came out of a private beta yesterday and is now publicly available.  It comes in the form of  an installation manager type application, and allows you to download and install multiple software at once and with ease.  The application shows you the statuses of the install and downloads of the desired software.  Ninite Installation ManagerYou choose which programs you’d like to install on site and currently there’s a strong selection that will undoubtably be extended now the service has gone public.  All the well known browsers, media players, imaging, documentation, runtimes and utility tools are there.

The software makes sure you’re downloading the latest version too which will be well received.  What would be great in the future would be if it could detect out of date software, recommend other applications and uninstall them too.

As you can imagine, there are probably a lot of IT managers that could do with a program like this, and there are plans afoot to release a premium/business version in the future.

The co-founders Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins, from Secure by Design have certainly identified and solved a key problem for all of us and have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more about this product in the coming months.  Head over to Ninite.com to give it a try.

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