PopScreen is Digg for Video, and It’s Oh So Purty…

PopScreen is Digg for Video, and It’s Oh So Purty…

PopScreen provides a key solution to a widening niche in today’s internet and social networking environments. With a substantial array of video on demand services available around the internet, as well as an increasing number of live streaming sites, our favorite videos are spread across a sizeable, and in importantly, separated network of sources.PopScreen.com

Glenn Gutierrez, co-founder of the project, wants to close this gap with PopScreen, a video bookmarking site. It provides the many video enthusiasts with the ability to collect and share their favorite videos from a host of video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Justin.TV, Blip.tv and Hulu, from one location.

Adding videos to playlists is a snip and can be done via browser bookmarklets or simply links. Cleverly, submitting a link not only brings in the video but also the descriptions, which site it’s come from and how many others have pop’d it. You can also add the video to one of your playlists, tag and categorise it, without leaving the site your on.


Another feature sees PopScreen able to detect whether a streamed source is on air or not, within the site, relieving the need to visit say, Justin.tv to see whether it’s started. Importing favourites and videos from other sites is another, that brings a further sense of accessibility to users with the breadth of their online video world in mind.

With plenty of sharing options, there’s also the potential for PopScreen to develop a valuable community for the creatives, editors, producers and web enthusiasts that want to share and consolidate their favourites. For it’s future in the longer term, it’s community is, as it always is with start ups, absolutely essential in it’s development, and it must keep developing new features to inspire it’s users. By keeping a consistent level of active members, the service can achieve a sustainable future, as after all, it wouldn’t be beyond the likes of YouTube, Vimeo or Blip.tv to create a similar offering.

Many of the features aren’t groundbreaking it must be said, but it’s the way they’ve approached this which impresses me. Creating a central hub for the individuals that use multiple sources to get their fix of videos. As well as streamlining the way they collect and share them. The features they’ve incorporated breathes convenience and this is vital, for a service that is solely concentrating on the bookmarking of videos instead of the costly upload functionality too.

If your an avid user of multiple video sharing sites, I recommend it, with a polished user interface and well thought features, it’s a great way to organise and keep up to date with the latest videos of interest to you.

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