Apple Music’s new advert with Drake is a meme in the making

The Big A has teamed up with Canadian rap star Drake to drop a fresh Apple Music advert, continuing its “distractingly good” campaign. And as you can expect from hip-hop’s goofiest performer, the video is nothing but meme-worthy.


The commercial captures Drake in a typical Drake fashion pumping iron in the company of a friend while listening to some hot Drake joints. He wraps up a set of shoulder presses and promises “no mercy” with his workout as his friend walks out of the gym.

As soon as his buddy leaves, the hip-hop star reaches for his iPhone to put on Taylor Swift’s particularly egregious “Bad Blood”, which seems to be his idea of guilty pleasure.

Lost to the rhythm of Swift’s catchy tune, the Canadian rapper walks up to the mirror and busts some of the most ridiculous-looking moves you’ll ever see, and then moves on to the bench press to finish his workout. But the music is so “distractingly good”, Drake loses focus and slides off the bench in pain.


Earlier in April, Taylor Swift herself starred in another “distractingly good” Apple Music commercial in which she undergoes a minor workout mishap as she’s running on a treadmill while listening to a song by Drake and Future.

If Apple’s collaboration with the Canadian rap star is anything like Taylor Swift’s, you can expect a few more Apple Music commercials featuring the popular rapper.

Watch the full ad in the video section above.

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