New MacBook Pro lets you skip YouTube ads with the Touch Bar

Redditors found a handy new use for Apple’s Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro — skipping YouTube ads.

Reddit user u/RomansFiveEight writes:

In Safari, the touchbar [sic] will pop up a scrubbing control whenever a video begins to play. Amazingly, you can use that to scrub THROUGH an ad, even a non-skippable 30 second pre-roll ad; and begin your video right away!

Who knows how long this ‘feature’ will exist. But, hey; pretty neat!

The new MacBook Pro line has been met with a lot of criticism about an underpowered ‘Pro’ line that lacks any of the innovation of its competitors. The Touch Bar is new, but it feels gimmicky — and it definitely wasn’t worth waiting over a year for. Still, it’s a cool new feature, and one that should only get better as we figure out how to better utilize it.

Scrubbing through ads is a good start, although it might not be around for long. These ads are intended to be un-skippable for a reason, after all.

TIL: The touchbar lets you skip ads in YouTube on Reddit

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