Apple Timelapse: Watch 20 years of’s visual history in 3 minutes

Last Sunday, Apple celebrated 15 years since the launch of the iPod in 2001, but a less publicized fact is that just a few days ago, its website turned 20 years.

To honor the occasion, YouTuber waxonaxon has made a thoughtful, and absolutely absorbing, timelapse video of’s visual history – spanning from 1996 to present day.

The clip essentially squeezes all memorable events from company’s website, including Apple’s transition from a small computer firm to the world’s leading tech company.


What’s particularly fascinating about this timelapse is the striking fashion in which it visualizes the progression of the iPhone-maker, and the tech industry as a whole – including the shift from physical to digital services as well as the change from skeuomorphic to ‘flat’ design.

Watch the full clip in the video section above. And for even more nostalgia, check out the 40-year evolution of Apple ads or take a trip down memory lane with the Wayback Machine.

via 9to5Mac

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