Apple in talks with Australian company to bring dynamic keyboard tech to MacBooks

Apple is rumored to bring its OLED touch strip to MacBooks this fall, but it’s also reportedly interested in bringing Sonder Design’s dynamic keyboard technology to future models. Granted, Sonder hasn’t confirmed a deal is in place. It did, however, affirm to Engadget that talks had taken place.

Sonder Design’s keyboard technology uses E Ink, much like the Kindle Paperwhite, to display letters, numbers, and symbols onto the keyboard. The appeal of this, is an ever-changing keyboard that can morph from your typical QWERTY-style, to one featuring hot keys for Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or even games like Battlefield. The static keyboard forced us to memorize these hotkeys, but Sonder’s version would just dynamically shift, depending on which program you had open.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see the new keyboards this fall, but with an OLED strip and Sounder’s E Ink technology, the future could bring a healthy dose of futuristic appeal to the static keyboards of old.

via Engadget

Apple in talks with Foxconn startup Sonder for its dynamic keyboard tech on 9to5Mac

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