Watch: The Samsung Galaxy S7 will drown before Apple’s iPhone 7

We already know the iPhone 7 can take some scratches and a little bending, but can it survive a drop in deep water?

In its latest video, YouTube channel EverythingApplePro squares off the new iPhone 7 against Samsung’s Galaxy S7 in an extreme deep water test – and the results are not quite what you’d expect.

Apple announced the iPhone 7 will be equipped with IP67 waterproofing, which means the device could survive up to one meter (a little over three feet) under water for a duration of up to half an hour.

Samsung’s S7, on the other hand, comes with the higher IP68 certification, suggesting the device can withstand prolonged submersion in depths of up to 1.5 meters (about five feet).

To kick off the test, EverythingApplePro submerges both devices five feet under water for five minutes, adding another five feet each time the devices surface back up intact.

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Although both devices seem to handle up to 20 feet underwater without any signs of damage, things quickly start to change at 30 feet. While the S7 begins rebooting sporadically, the iPhone’s taptic engine home button ceases to function properly.

After five minutes at 35 feet, Samsung’s S7 eventually turns off and refuses to come back on. The iPhone 7 survives the submersion, but not without any damages as both the display and the home button appear to suffer minor glitches.

While it’s not surprizing the devices eventually break under the pressure, it’s interesting to see the iPhone beat the S7 despite the latter’s reportedly stronger waterproofing standard.

Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung are both dealing with trouble as their devices are hissing and exploding left and right.

Watch EverythingApplePro’s full video in the video section above.

Update: While the video does seem legit, I’d take the outcome of the test with a grain of salt. As the Twitterverse has pointed out, this could be really, really easy to rig.

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