Check out this new horror movie starring the iPhone 7

Apple is known for its memorable ads and unlike last year, the company has taken an interesting approach with the teaser for its new iPhone 7.

Accompanied by a barrage of fast cuts, mysterious sounds and violently blinking lights, the new Apple ad looks more like a horror movie starring the iPhone 7 than an actual phone commercial.

Perhaps with the exception of the iPhone 7 heading in the very beginning, there’s little the commercial actually says. It’s dark and borderline obscure, but the visuals are seductively elegant and captivating.

iphone_7_apple_horror_movie_ iphone 7

Instead of words, it speaks in innuendos: The owl’s vision hints at the phone’s improved camera capabilities, the intense water vibrations allude to its enhanced stereo speakers, and the numerous water drops are a nod to its new water-resistant design.

Still, unlike other ads, this one gives me the funny feeling it’s the iPhone 7 that’s coming to get me and not the other way around – but I don’t actually mind that.

Watch the full horror movie teaser in the video section above.

Official iPhone 7 ad on YouTube

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