Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage option ahead of macOS Sierra and iPhone 7

Apple adds 2TB iCloud storage option ahead of macOS Sierra and iPhone 7

If 1TB of iCloud storage isn’t enough for you, there’s now a 2TB option for $20 per month.

The new tier arrives one week before Apple is believed to announce new iPhones. Coincidentally, those new iPhones may have a new 256GB internal storage option.

As 9to5Mac pointed out, that’s equal scaling. The previous top-end storage option for iPhones (assuming the 256GB option is really coming) was 128GB. The previous top-end iCloud option was 1TB — both correlate to users having eight times more iCloud storage than internal memory available to them.

And we’ll remember that iCloud is not only used as a mobile backup; with macOS Sierra, iCloud plays a big role in syncing desktop and download folders for multiple computers. If you store a lot of files on your desktop, it makes more storage critical.

While I still prefer an SSD to manage my desktop, the new tier makes sense. I can’t imagine who would need 2TB of cloud storage monthly as an individual, but small businesses might find it suits their needs.

Other iCloud options — from the free 5GB backup to the $10 per month 1TB tier — remain.

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