‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 case and screen images are making us drool

‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 case and screen images are making us drool

Forget gold-plated iPhones — that’s just stupid. The ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 you actually want is floating around the rumor mill again, and it will probably have that ‘flat’ Home button we’re all excited about.

We’ve seen the Space Black iPhone before, and quickly fell in love. Then it flitted away after follow-up rumors, and our dreams were crushed.

Now it’s back, and considering how close we are to ‘iPhone season’ — this is starting to seem realistic. The pictures are grainy, and some show the Smart Connector we’ve been led to believe may not make the final cut (which could mean they’re photoshopped, or that Apple is making it an upgrade feature), but we’re still excited — especially because it has that dual-camera array we’re so interested in.

Better images show what’s being billed as a new screen assembly for the iPhone 7, replete with a flat Home button. As you can see in the images, there’s no cutout for Home button hardware, suggesting it will simply rely on haptic feedback (like the on-screen keyboard does) to let you know when it’s been pushed.

And if you’ve been keeping up with our iPhone 7 coverage, you know I’m about to tell you to be cautiously optimistic about all of this. While I’d absolutely love a Space Black iPhone 7 Plus with a flat Home button with dual cameras, I’ll temper my enthusiasm until we get the real thing.

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