Kanye West tweetstorm suggests Apple really is trying to buy Tidal

Kanye West tweetstorm suggests Apple really is trying to buy Tidal
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Kanye West, known crazy person and possible liar, went on a tweetstorm recently to implore Apple to cut Jay Z a check for Tidal — which suggests the rumors of Apple buying the streaming music service are true.

Here are Yeezy’s tweetzys:

It’s only three tweets, but there’s a lot to unpack there. Here we go!

First, ‘Apple’ — a company made up of tens of thousands of humans — can’t be a person named ‘Steve,’ who we assume is Steve Jobs.

Second, why would Drake care about the acquisition? He’s not Tidalluminatti.

But really, it sounds as if Kanye West has a bit of inside knowledge on acquisition negotiations between Apple and Tidal. His tweet suggest a sense of urgency — which I’m reading as him relating the frustration of some close friends involved in the dealings, possibly even Jay himself.

The main reason Apple is said to be interested in exclusives. Tidal gets them from various artists in the form of albums and streaming concerts, and probably has a better beat on upcoming artists.

Either way, Mr. West is right; if an acquisition is in the works, we’d like Apple and Tidal to make it happen sooner rather than later.

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