The short, chubby iPhone 7 could have a larger battery inside

Credit: Ellica / Shutterstock

We already told you the iPhone 7 could be short and chubby, and now we know what may be hiding inside: a bigger battery.

The OnLeaks Twitter account is a fairly reliable source for Apple info ahead of launch, and is reporting that the new iPhone 7 could have a slightly larger battery. Specifically, it’s said to be 1960mAh compared to the  1715mAh battery in the iPhone 6s.

MacRumors has posted an image of a battery it believes to be for the iPhone 7, sporting a 7.04-watt hours capacity. The iPhone 6s capacity in watt hours is 6.61.


The math doesn’t add up all the way (the mAh jump is about 13 percent while the watt-hours suggests a 7 percent boost), but both are decent rumors that there could be a larger battery under your screen next time you go to buy an iPhone.

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