iMessage is about to get a ton of stickers (because it’s so easy to do!)

iMessage is about to get a ton of stickers (because it’s so easy to do!)

At WWDC, Apple detailed just how easy it will be to create some apps for iMessage. If you want to make a stickers app, there’s really no coding involved.

Via a live demo on-stage during the Platforms State of the Union, Apple demonstrated just how easy it would be to create iMessage apps.

It starts with Xcode, where you’ll be taken to a dedicated iMessage app creation mode that optimizes your new app for messaging. It also prevents you from adding features an iMessage app won’t need.

Stickers is a selling point for Apple with this new platform. So long as you can compile some images, you can make an app.

No, seriously — that’s all it takes.

Apple built a stickers app for Messages inside of five minutes; all you need to do is add images to your assets catalog.

No. Seriously.

Once you’ve got some images compiled for use as stickers, you can distribute the app to the iMessage App Store, which is discoverable at the bottom of the app itself.

More detailed experiences will require coding, of course, but with the low overhead in sticker packs, look for developers to flood the market because — well, because they can.

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