Leaked schematics suggest you may not want a case for the iPhone 7 Plus

Leaked schematics suggest you may not want a case for the iPhone 7 Plus

A leaked schematic of the next iPhone has purportedly found its way to a Japanese magazine, suggesting all the rumors are true.

The device, which is believed to be the larger ‘plus’ variant of the iPhone 7, has space for two cameras as well as no headphone jack. Curiously, Apple’s Smart Connector found on the iPad Pros is also present around back.

Antenna lines have been removed from the back, but it’s not clear if they’ll be gone for good or if the schematics just don’t show where Apple is hiding them.

Aesthetically, this isn’t a major redesign; it’s even the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s Plus. The camera bump is a bit longer, though.


But what’s worse: the Smart Connector or antenna lines? You could cover antenna lines with a case, but depending on how you want to use the Smart Connector, a case may not be appropriate.

Similarly, it may cause iPhone 7 Plus (we’re just going with the Plus; some are calling a ‘Plus Pro’ or something equally strange, so who knows) cases to be really confusing. A bottom bit that slides off so you can connect your phone to a wireless charger may be in order, and that’s silly.

Cases may also end up laving the bottom exposed, by and large. Imagine a case that has a chin-strap to keep it on your phone, but doesn’t cover the smart Connector up. That would just be — well, stupid.

Again, this is all based on schematics, which could be early drawings or outright fake. Still, I’m not excited by a Smart Connector on an iPhone 7 Plus. I don’t care to charge wirelessly (because even docks have to be wired, so it’s not that big of a deal), and I can’t even fathom trying to use a keyboard with an iPhone to do work.

But dual cameras? Sign me up; that might be really cool.

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