Apple News is now curating content on Twitter

Apple News is now curating content on Twitter

Just like you, Apple News is now using Twitter to share articles curated by its US-based editorial team.

The account currently has around 6,800 followers. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if that’s because News readers simply haven’t found it or because there aren’t many Apple News readers. Apple just doesn’t share many statistics about News.

But, the account is only five hours old.

While it only has six tweets, the account seems to be feeding us timely, interesting topics. So far, there’s been political and baseball chatter, as well as a link to a story about Villanova’s insane NCAA Championship win last night.

The links in the tweets will open up the corresponding Webpage for the article on the desktop, but redirect you through Apple News on iOS devices.

Interestingly enough, there’s also an Apple News Australia account edited by Australian staffers, suggesting Apple will have regional News accounts as the news reader becomes more widely available.

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