Latest OS X update fixes that pesky Safari issue with Twitter links

Latest OS X update fixes that pesky Safari issue with Twitter links
Credit: iDownload Blog

While today’s Apple event mostly covered mobile devices, the company did provide some Mac news in the form of an OS X update.

The bug causes occasional glitches in Twitter’s shortened ‘’ links and often leads to continuous refreshing in order to try to get the link to display.

Safari users know the problem all too well — it’s been an on-going gripe for the better part of a year and required a rather backwards copy-and-paste workaround rather than the ability to, you know, click a link to open it.

Aside from that revelation for Safari users, the newest OS X update brings better ‘Photos’ support for Live Photos, the gif-like photos captured on newer iPhones.

Notes, one of our favorite updates in El Capitan now allows users to password protect individual entries as well as migrate data from other services, like Evernote, through the handy new ‘Import Notes’ option.

The update is available for anyone with a Mac running OS X ‘El Capitan’ today.

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