Apple’s WWDR certificate has expired, causing problems for developers

Apple’s WWDR certificate has expired, causing problems for developers
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It’s been well publicized, but Apple’s WWDR certificate expired today, breaking Xcode signing, Safari Extensions, Safari Push Notifications and Apple Wallet passes for developers that didn’t already update to the new one.

Lots of developers have taken to social media and help sites today confused about certificate warnings despite the advance notice Apple gave, having issues with submitting apps to the store for review.

The certificate, which expired yesterday, is used to sign applications as legitimate when submitting them for review, or to deliver push notifications securely. When it’s invalid or has expired, these can break completely.

It’s somewhat straightforward to get the new certificate and fix the error, though it’s easy to miss:

The fact that it’s a manual process rather than a software update is a little perplexing, with one developer calling it “yet another hoop” to jump through.

If you’re not a developer this shouldn’t affect you directly — unless the services you use haven’t updated their own server certificates yet.

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