New Apple HQ drone footage lets you fly over its enormous underground auditorium

Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ Campus 2 is shaping up to look a bit like the Pentagon (albeit with rounded edges), taking the form of a sprawling fortress for the tech, rather than security, elite.

Drone pilot Duncan Sinfield has been capturing the action using the DJI Inspire 1 camera drone to film the construction process, due to finish at the end of 2016.

In Sinfield’s latest video, you can see the lid being sized up to fit on the 1,000-seat underground auditorium, as well as a fully-solar-powered roof fitted onto one of the 2.8 million square-foot site’s parking lots.

The curved glass exterior, which speaks more to openness than secrecy, is now being fitted throughout the whole of the main building.

You can check out shots of the Cupertino site from January here and see December’s video here if you want to see how the build, and Sinfield’s drone skills, have been progressing.

Check out some more houses that tech built, including extra detail on the specs for the campus site, in this piece here.

Apple Campus 2 February 2016 Update [YouTube via Mashable]

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