Executive overseeing Apple’s ‘Titan’ car plans is leaving the company

Executive overseeing Apple’s ‘Titan’ car plans is leaving the company

Apple’s rumored car plans may be suffering a setback. Steve Zadesky, who is said to be leading Apple’s ‘Titan’ project, is leaving the company.

According to The Wall Street Journal, he’s leaving for personal reasons, not because of any performance issues.

While Zadesky’s departure seems to strike a serious blow to Titan, there’s still a lot we don’t know. If he was planning to leave, it’s entirely possible he’s groomed a replacement to take over.

We also don’t know much about Apple’s automotive plans. It may be an actual car, or simply software that manufacturers like Ford or Toyota can put into future models.

Interestingly enough, The Wall Street Journal also reports Apple has bullishly pressed its car team to meet deadlines that may not be realistic. Perhaps delays were in the offing anyway, Zadesky or not.

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