Best Buy just knocked $1,100 off an Apple Watch Edition

Best Buy just knocked $1,100 off an Apple Watch Edition

If you’re looking for any last minute Christmas gifts, Best Buy has just announced it’s knocking $1,100 off of the price of Apple’s all gold Watch Edition.

The smart device, which is now priced at $13,898 gives a saving of around 8 percent off the normal retail price of $15,000. But there’s a small caveat. The watch, an 18-Karat gold 42mm version is a refurbished model.

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So for those looking to save cash on an item that no one considers money well spent, will have to contend with the idea that their beloved time-piece has been the property of another.

There’s no description of any wear and tear, but the seller, JemJem has sold scuffed goods before. On December 7 he was accused by user Alex A of sending a, “badly beaten up” iPhone 5C. So make your own mind up if it’s worth the risk.

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Best Buy is reducing the price on its entire range of Apple Watches. Again, these are all refurbished, but the best of the bunch is $100 off a 42mm Apple Watch with Milanese Loop setting you back $599.

It’s possible a reduction in prices suggests inventory is being run down from Apple ahead of the release of a new model in March.

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