Apple’s 2003 Bluetooth page is still up and it’s a blast from the past

Apple’s 2003 Bluetooth page is still up and it’s a blast from the past
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Bluetooth is commonplace now, but in a time just 12 years ago, it was a new-fangled technology.

A fun page from Apple’s website that’s still online dates all the way back to 2003 and touts that Bluetooth will be available in the Mac via a dongle.

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The page describes Bluetooth’s purpose, what it’s for and the difference between Wireless Wi-Fi adapters and Bluetooth devices. It even touts that it’s great for connecting other relics together:

With Bluetooth technology for Mac OS X, you can link your Palm OS-based handheld device, Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and peripherals with your PowerBook G4, iBook, Power Mac G4 or iMac

The site boasts more than “1,800 adopters” of the Bluetooth standard and requires owners to buy a nifty transparent D-Link USB adapter, since no Mac hardware had integrated Bluetooth at the time.

Mostly it’s just fun that this little page is still up and that the technology you’re probably using right now for your wireless keyboard wasn’t so familiar a few years ago.

Apple Bluetooth [Apple 2003]

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