48,000 word iOS 9 reviews? Tech journalism has lost its mind

iOS 9 is out today.
Here’s our review. Its 3,093 words that tell you what you need to know and why.

Here’s MacStories’ review, it’s… 48,000 words long.

Yes, MacStories is excellent, but does it need nearly 50,000 words to talk about a software update?

The answer is ‘no.’ There is no sane answer other than ‘no.’

The U.S. Constitution weighs in at 4,543 words.
Magna Carta got the job done with 500.
The 10 commandments tapped out at 297.

This piece (including this line, the number that follows and the headline)? 105.

Note: I really do like MacStories and am a supporter: 

The point here as the numerous MacStories fans who have mentioned their unhappiness about this piece are maybe ignoring is that I was just light-heartedly noting what a huge number of words that is to write about an iOS update. Words in this update (including the number that follows)? 60