New Apple TV said to have better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with gaming in mind

New Apple TV said to have better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with gaming in mind

A new report suggests the next Apple TV will have better Bluetooth and enhanced wireless capabilities to entice more of us to enjoy iOS games in our living rooms.

The included remote for Apple TV version 4 will have two main buttons; a ‘home’ button and a Siri launcher. It’s also said to link to Apple TV via Bluetooth, meaning the IR blaster is being relegated. It is said to have the 802.11ac WiFi standard, too.

In addition to a new remote that will feature a touchpad and hardware buttons, 9to5Mac reports the new Apple TV will allow for third-party controllers to link to it via Bluetooth 4.2. An iPhone or iPad may also gain the ability to morph into a gaming pad when a game is cast to the TV, much like we see with Android TV.

As an underlying layer to power all of these features along, Apple TV will operate on a version of iOS 9. That will help developers create experiences with Apple TV in mind, but will also help the console utilize HomeKit.

The latest Apple TV is expected to debut September 9 alongside a new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and is rumored to retail somewhere between $149 and $199.

Apple TV 4: Gaming and Siri will be major focuses, expect Bluetooth game controllers + enhanced wireless [9to5Mac]

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