Find out what’s in Alex Turner and Josh Homme’s iPhone notes

Find out what’s in Alex Turner and Josh Homme’s iPhone notes

Josh Homme has an excellent show on Beats 1 called ‘The Alligator Hour’ and this week’s edition featured part one of his interview with Arctic Monkey’s frontman, Alex Turner.

The pair have history – Homme produced the Monkeys’ 2009 record ‘Humbug’ – and that makes for a great conversation. One of the most enjoyable moments was when they decided to read out a few of their iPhone notes.

Homme fills his with odd and interesting words he encounters as well as idle thoughts including “The shivers…” and “Put glass in front of everything: Glass panther, glasshole…”

Among Turner’s notes were “It’s my headache…” and “John Lennon as a TV chef…” The latter gave Homme the perfect opportunity to segue into this track:

Other highlights include Homme and Turner discussing what they’d name a bar (suggestions include The Space Bar, The Dumb Fox and Alternative Endings).

The Arctic Monkeys frontman also reveals why he isn’t on Twitter – though he undercuts it by passing it off as a joke – and it makes a lot of sense. It’s because people would expect too much based of his lyrics.

Turner will be back on next week’s episode of ‘The Alligator Hour’ and you can catch up on this week’s show on Apple Music now.

The Alligator Hour [Apple Music]

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