Apple Watch is the smartwatch market, accounting for 75% of shipments

Apple Watch is the smartwatch market, accounting for 75% of shipments

We still don’t really know how much of a hit the Apple Watch was, but Strategy Analytics says it’s dominating the market at over 75 percent of all smartwatches shipped.

According to its latest research, global smartwatch shipments grew 457 percent annually to 5 million, from just 1 million units last year. That’s a lot of smartwatches, considering it was still a nascent category just last year.

The report says that the Apple Watch saw 4 million units shipped last quarter, compared with 0.4 million by Samsung. “Other” smartwatches made up just 0.9 million devices.

Notably, Kickstarter darling Pebble is missing from the figures, despite the extensive coverage it gets in the media.

Apple Watch is now available in more than 16 countries, but the company has remained quiet about how many devices have actually been sold so far other than saying that adoption has been faster than with iPhone and iPad at launch.

Apple Watch captures 75 percent of global marketshare [PR Newswire]


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