You can’t stream your iTunes library from your computer to your iOS 8.4 devices

Apple Music

Apple has disabled Home Sharing support for music on iOS 8.4, which means you can’t stream tracks from your local iTunes library to your mobile device after you’ve updated the OS.

The feature made its debut as part of iOS 4.3 and allowed people to use their computer as a central music server that would stream music to their iPhones and iPads on the same network.

That’s a bummer for users who have music libraries culled from outside iTunes. If you’re one of those, you’ll need to upload your collection to iCloud before streaming it on your devices.

If you’ve got a large collection, paying for Apple Music’s family plan — which lets you connect up to six more users for $14.99 a month — might help.

If it’s any consolation, Home Sharing still works with Apple TV.

We’ve contacted Apple to find out more and will update this post when we hear back.

Apple’s iOS 8.4 kneecaps Home Sharing, music streaming now limited to Apple TV [Apple Insider via Gizmodo]

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