The Swift vs Apple saga ends: ‘1989’ will be on Apple Music

The Swift vs Apple saga ends: ‘1989’ will be on Apple Music

And so the saga ends – Taylor Swift has decided to put her most recent album, ‘1989,’ on Apple Music.

In case you’ve missed out on the Swift vs Apple case the past week or so, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple over the weekend where she stated she wouldn’t put 1989 on the company’s upcoming streaming service. Apple Music will offer a 3-month trial, but originally, Apple would not be paying artists, something Swift was not cool with.

Apple then had a change of heart, and decided it would pay artists during the trial after all.

After a couple of days of deliberation, Swift decided to go through with putting her album on Apple Music after all.

Moreover, this makes Apple Music the only streaming service that will offer 1989 at the moment, though Swift also made it a point to clarify it’s not an exclusive deal:

It ends well for both parties. Apple gets to stream music from arguably the world’s biggest pop star right now (and potentially be the only one to do so), and Swift makes sure artists are getting their financial due. Nice to see there’s no more, ahem, bad blood between them.


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