Apple’s started trolling the tech press over the Apple Car

Apple’s started trolling the tech press over the Apple Car

Apple might be building a car. It might be building a lot of things. That’s what happens when you’ve got incredible designers and engineers, and a war chest of $100 billion to work with.

The company’s not likely to reveal its plans until it’s ready to show something off – despite settling a lawsuit over the alleged poaching of battery experts – but it’ll happily troll the tech press.

During an interview yesterday at the Code Conference, Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior VP of operations, responded to an audience question with the perfect line to get tech bloggers frothing:

Audience member: Are you guys going to do something with your $100 billion or are you just going to keep buying back shares?

Jeff Williams: Well the car is the ultimate mobile device, isn’t it?

Cue a thousand think pieces and more speculation than you’d get from a stage mystic. What does Williams’ comment mean? It’s a joke, not a preview, and over-excited journalists are the punchline.

What better place to troll the tech press than a conference run by a tech business site that’s just been acquired by the home of The Verge?

Apple’s Jeff Williams teases cars as a possible new product category [The Verge]

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