I would do unspeakable things for this iPhone with a glowing Apple logo

It’s just a rendering of what someone thinks the iPhone 7 will look like, but here’s the thing: I really want this concept iPhone with a glowing Apple logo.

This video render by German site Computer Bild, as far as ridiculous concepts goes, is actually fairly realistic: it features a Touch ID sensor built into the display, a dual camera on the rear for changing depth of field and a glowing Apple logo on the back.

In the real world, Apple has been awarded a patent for integrating Touch ID into the display, as well as one for a camera that can refocus after taking a photo.

The phone in the video is basically my dream phone, although the part that’s least likely is the glowing logo, because it’s technically impossible with the chipset wedged between the display and the back of the phone.

Still, a Apple fan can dream.

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