Apple is testing Analytics for the App Store

Apple is testing Analytics for the App Store

Apple today began inviting developers to a preview of a new App Analytics tool that was promised way back at WWDC last year.

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A number of developers tweeted emails informing them of the launch of a beta program for app analytics which promises to show how many customers an app’s page, how often users open the app, how well it sells and more.

Third party tools already exist that offer similar functionality, but much of the data is guesswork and this marks the first time Apple has made available an offering that promises to give insights into how apps and their landing pages are performing.

Developers that received the email are able to sign up to wait for an invitation, which means the full launch of the product is probably a while away still.

A tipster told us that while they were able to get into App Analytics already, there wasn’t any data displaying yet.

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