I’d love some disappointments like Apple’s iPad sales figures

I’d love some disappointments like Apple’s iPad sales figures

Apple only sold 12.6 million iPads in the last quarter.

Tim Cook should place himself in stocks at the centre of Apple’s new spaceship HQ and allow analysts to pelt him with rotten tomatoes. Steve Jobs’ ghost should appear to him on iPadmas Eve and haunt him for his failings.

Or…we could just all get a grip and drop the narrative fed to us by hyped up analysts, traders and hacks after an easy line. The iPad isn’t dying and Apple hasn’t ‘disappointed’.

Our smartphones get hammered by regular usage. They suffer more wear-and-tear, they feel older and slower far more quickly than tablets that mostly sit nestled in our bags or even in pride of place beside the couch.

The iPad is a mature device now. It’s not on a one or two-year upgrade cycle and I’d be willing to bet my relatively meager salary that the enormously well-remunerated Cook isn’t even remotely worried.

The iPhone is still an incredible engine for growth within Apple. The iPad is still the tablet that defines how we think about all other tablets. The future of the Apple Watch is far from clear, but it appears to be fitting the company’s well-established playbook for first generation products.

Let’s face it, most of us could cope with ‘disappointments’ like Apple’s iPad figures.

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