Apple’s OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 is available to download now with all-new Photos app

Apple’s OS X Yosemite v10.10.3 is available to download now with all-new Photos app

The latest update for Yosemite is available for general download now on your Mac after the pre-release seed was given to developers back in February.

OS X v10.10.3 includes a brand new Photos app to replace iPhoto and Aperture. The comprehensive new app aims to make organizing photos easier and allows for better editing.

Photos stores images at a lower-resolution in the app, with a full-resolution copy kept in the iCloud Photo Library.  Doing things this way means that you will be able to free up some space on your device. 

Editing features include an Enhance button for a one-click fix to your images, as well as individual auto-correct buttons within each editing tool such as Color and Lighting alongside adjustable sliders and more advanced options. You will also be able to level the horizon in your images while cropping with the app too.

For keen photographers, the app supports RAW formats, meaning you can import uncompressed images from your DSLR.

Photos divides images by time and location in Moments, Collections and Years to allow for easy browsing and search. And it is possible to organize your library by tags to make the process even easier.

Another quirky new feature of the new app is the ability to make professional looking photobooks using Apple-designed themes and square book formats. You can purchase these prints in the new square or panoramic sizes as well.

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Photos is part of the Yosemite update available today, so once you have downloaded the new OS X v10.10.3, you should be prompted to turn on iCloud Photo Library on your Mac and other connected devices. Your photos and videos will then start to upload in both original and high-resolution formats.

The update also includes the introduction over 300 new emojis, improvements to the stability and security of Safari, new Spotlight suggestions, and improvements to help screen sharing reliability.

Google’s 2-step verification is supported on OS X v10.10.3 when you’re setting up accounts in System Preferences so there’s no need for individual app passwords anymore.

And for developers, there’s Force Touch APIs that let you add Force Touch gestures to apps.

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