Check out Apple’s secret Apple Watch fitness lab

Check out Apple’s secret Apple Watch fitness lab

While its products tend to leak more often than not, Apple is still extremely secretive. So when the company allows camera into any of its facilities, it’s a pretty big deal.

Today, ABC morning news show, ‘Good Morning America,’ aired a behind-the-scenes segment about Apple’s secret fitness testing lab. Inside, employees have been working out for over two years with various sensors placed all over their bodies including a rather disturbing looking face mask that measures how hard a person is breathing. It’s all research for the Apple Watch and HealthKit.

Of course, in typical Apple fashion, even the employees were kept in the dark about why they were working out. Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams told the morning show, “they didn’t even know what they were working on.”

The Apple Watch will go on sale without a creepy blue mask on April 24.

Good Morning America

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